Mir Sufi Meditation




It is important to carry out any type of meditation under the supervision of your Pir. Not all Sufi groups practice all the forms of meditation described here.

Silent Meditation

This is a type of meditation practiced in order to gain stillness of the mind.

Sama Meditation

Sama means “listening”. Sama is practiced by listening to devotional music.

Zhikr (Chanting Meditation)

This is the practice of repeating attributes of the Divine in order to expand the Heart and bring stillness to the mind. Many variations of the zhikr exist, such as zhikr jalil (loud), zhikr khafif (soft and gentle) and zhikr on the breath. All of these can be done in the sitting or standing position.


Whirling is a type of meditation with movement which replicates the movement of planets around the sun. It is widely known as Sufi Dancing or Sufi Whirling.

Work Meditation

Work meditation involves working on the ground, with nature to remove negative energy while carrying on with a task. It is one of the most effective types of meditation.

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