Retrievals are carried out mostly in a group, and are sometimes based on the stations of the Path.

Group Retrievals

Group retrievals are open for all followers to attend. They range from two to seven days. During retrieval subjects are given for group discussion. Everyone is invited to share their understanding based on their own experience, which is useful for the group. Meditation in most forms is practiced every day and the practice of self-reflection is emphasised. Additional exercises are given by the Pir if necessary.

The group lives in a communal environment, sharing work, cooking and eating and this encourages team building but without competition. There is provision for individual meetings with the Pir to discuss any personal issues.

Station Retrievals

Station Retrievals consist of small groups of followers who have been individually invited by the Pir. They range from two to seven days. These retrievals are designed to assist followers through specific stages of the Path.

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