About The Pir


Pir Mir Mahmoud Hadian is the founder of the Mir Sufi Path. He joined the Sufi Path at the age of eighteen. His Pir (Master) was a Qalandar Sufi. His Pir instructed him to move to the UK in order to experience several other Sufi Orders as a seeker while completing his academic studies.

He was given instruction not to mention that he had been chosen by his Pir as a future teacher so that he would receive the same treatment and training experience as any Western seeker, and without preferential treatment. This gave him insight into the experience of the seeker together with expe-rience of how Paths are taught in the West.

As a Pir, he does not receive any remuneration for his work


“Do not look at my outward shape,
but take what is in my hand.”


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