The Mir Sufi Centre


Most of the Mir Sufi Path retreats, retrievals, classes in meditation and a variety of workshops take place in the Centre. Some courses in Mir Sufi Healing, Mir Sufi Yoga and Mir Sufi Chi are held in the Centre every year.

The Mir Sufi Centre provides a secluded, peaceful space away from worldly distraction. It currently occupies a farm which is being established on the principle of self-sufficiency and has thirty-three and a half acres of pasture and woodland. The farm actively works to reduce its carbon footprint by using alternative energy, such as solar power and biomass. The biomass is supplied by wood from the woodland which is managed in a sustainable way.

The farm is currently undergoing major development to provide extra accommodation, a hall, larger gathering place, classroom and library for the Mir Sufi Centre. It also provides a private cemetery for initiates and teachers.

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