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Welcome to the Mir Sufi Path website.

This informative website will give you some insight into the Sufi Way, in particular the Mir Sufi Path.

As man has moved away from his spiritual centre, he has become confused and dispersed in his thought, changing direction each day in the face of so many distractions.

In order to understand and carry out the Divine spiritual practices effectively, we need some preparation. Therefore, on many spiritual paths, some practices are given. I believe that all practices recommended on any spiritual path should not be considered as spiritual practices in themselves, but as preparation exercises. These preparation exercises sharpen our focus, stop our distraction and purify us. When this state is achieved, the Divine exercises become more vibrant and strengthen our connection with God and His Creation.

Please browse our website. We welcome you to experience the Mir Sufi Path for yourself.


Pir Mir Mahmoud Hadian

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