Before the Treatment

Create a suitable environment, quiet and free from distractions. You can create an ambience that helps you focus on your spirituality. You can dim the lights, light a candle, play calming or spiritual music (preferably without lyrics, to avoid distraction). Offer a prayer with the intention of receiving the healing energy from God, and asking for assistance to benefit from it in spiritual progress. Your prayer may be in whichever language or form that you feel comfortable with. Lay in a comfortable position, and meditate for about 10 minutes before the treatment. You may simply focus on observing your natural breath for meditation at this stage.

During the Treatment

The distance treatment session will last for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, remain in a meditative state in a lying position. If you feel uncomfortable, you can alter your position. Try not to over-analyse the session, this will only trigger your mind interacting with the experience. Tell your mind “give me a pause, I just want to taste this experience now”. Just go with the flow and observe. If you have thoughts that distract you, don’t be bothered with them too much.  This is to facilitate your receptiveness for the healing.

After the Treatment

You will have the healing energy with you for a day or so. Healing continues during this period. Avoid eating too heavy (fried foods, red meat etc.), avoid consuming alcohol, limit tea/coffee and drink plenty of water on this day. The aim is to keep your metabolism light, and let the energy concentrate on your spiritual body instead. Use this day to spare some time for yourself. You may visit nature, go to the seaside, meditate – whatever is convenient for you to be with yourself. This may assist with your development or allow some inspiration for yourself.